I) Basics & important notes
1. With the Mailchimp interface you can transfer contacts to Mailchimp and add them to a list that you have previously set up in Mailchimp. 

II) Setup at Webinaris
1. open the "Plugins" menu

2. click on "New Plugin" above

3. click on the Mailchimp logo
4. enter the requested data:

- Name: An internal name of the plugin.
- API Key: This can be found in your Mailchimp account in the menu "Account" -> "Extras" -> "API keys". If necessary you have to create an API key first.

5. click on "Save & Exit".

You can use the plugin you just created in any number of webinar projects.
6. click on "Close" in the upper right corner.

7. Open your webinar project and navigate to the menu "Communication".

8. open the submenu "Interfaces".

9. right click on "+ New interface".

10. select from the list the plugin you have just created
11. et the details of the interface on the left side:
a) The mailchimp list to which a contact is to be transferred during registration.
b) Data fields
Here you can determine which information from Webinaris should be written to which fields in MailChimp. Enter the field name of the field in which the value is to be written. 
12. Finally click on "Save" in the upper right corner.

III) Settings for MailChimp

1. How to create and read a MailChimp API Key
- Log in to MailChimp
- Click on your name in the top right corner and select "Account".
- Click on the menu item "Tools" and select "API keys".
- Click on the "Create API key" button below. The API Key will appear above the button. 
2. How to read the field names of fields from MailChimp and add new fields if needed
- Log in to MailChimp
- Click on "Lists" above
- Click on the small arrow next to "Stats" to the right of the list from which you want to read the field labels and select "Settings".
- Select the menu item "List fields and *|MERGE|* tags".
- In the column "Put this tag in your content:" you will see the field name. There are always two field names. One can be defined by yourself and one is unchangeable (e.g. MERGE1).
- Insert the field name for Webinaris without *| or |*. For *|MERGE1|* simply MERGE1 (compare yellow marking here)
- Click the "Add a field" button to create new fields for the currently selected list.
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