I) Basics & important notes
1. With the CleverReach interface you can transfer contacts in groups at CleverReach. 
The information whether an interested party has participated in the webinar or not cannot be transferred. 
2. The CleverReach interface currently does not support a double opt-in process. 
II) Setup at Webinaris
1. open the "Plugins" menu

2. click on "New Plugin" above

3. click on the CleverReach logo
4. enter the requested data:

- Name: An internal name of the plugin.
- API Key: You can find this in your CleverReach account in the menu "Account" -> "Extras" -> "SOAP API". If necessary you have to create an API Key first.

5. click on "Save & Exit".

You can use the plugin you just created in any number of webinar projects.

6. click on "Close" in the upper right corner.

7. Open your webinar project and navigate to the menu "Communication".

8. open the submenu "Interfaces".

9. right click on "+ New interface".

10. select from the list the plugin you have just created
11. Set the details of the interface on the left side:
a) The group to which a contact should be added when registering for the webinar.
b) Data fields
Here you determine which information from Webinaris should be written into which fields at CleverReach. Enter the placeholder of the field in which the value is to be written. Enter the placeholders without the braces {} (e.g. not {LASTNAME}, but LASTNAME). You can also leave individual fields empty.
12. click on "Save" in the upper right corner.


III) Settings for CleverReach
1. How to create a CleverReach API Key
- Log in to CleverReach
- Click on "My Account" in the bottom left corner.
- Select in the upper menu at the point "Extras" the subpoint "SOAP API".
- Click on the orange button "Create API Key" in the upper right corner. A small window will open.
- The best way is to enter "Webinaris" under "Purpose".
- For "Access rights", select: "Read and write rights".
- Click on "Save".
- Under the item "Your API Keys" you will now find your newly created API key.
2. how to get the placeholders from the fields
- Open CleverReach
- Click on the "Recipient" button on the left.
- Click to open the list of recipients whose fields you want to read out.
- Click on "Settings" above and select "Fields".
- At the bottom, you can now see the placeholder for each field in the right column.
3. how to create new fields at CleverReach
By default, CleverReach does not provide all fields for which Webinaris provides data, such as a field for the Webinar Room URL. You must first create the corresponding fields in CleverReach. To do this, proceed as follows:
- Open CleverReach
- Click on the "Recipient" button on the left.
- Click to open the list of recipients whose fields you want to read out.
- Click on "Settings" above and select "Fields".
- Click on the button "New field" in the upper right corner.
- Enter the name of the placeholder in the "Name" field, e.g. "Webinaris URL".
- For Type, select "Text".
- For "Online text", enter the name of the placeholder, e.g. "Webinaris URL". 
- If you want this field to be available in all recipient lists, please mark the checkbox "Cross-list".
- Click on "Add".
- In the list of fields, you can now read the placeholder description, for example WEBINARIS_URL.
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