I) Basics & important hints
1. With the GetResponse interface you can transfer contacts to a list at GetRespone.
The transfer of TAGs is currently not possible. However, you can create automations in GetResponse that assign a specific TAG when you add a contact to a specific list. 
2. For the interface to work, your GetResponse account must have API version 1.5 active.
This is not the case with many newer accounts. Then a short mail to the GetResponse team is usually sufficient to activate API version 1.5.

II) Setup in Webinaris
1. open the "Plugins" menu

2. click on "New Plugin" above

3. click on the GetResponse logo
4. enter the requested data:

- Name: An internal name of the plugin.
- API Key: This can be found in your GetResponse account in the menu "My Account" -> "Account Details" -> "API & OAuth". You may need to create an API key there first.

5. click on "Save & Exit".

You can use the plugin you just created in any number of webinar projects.
6. click on "Close" in the upper right corner.

7. Open your webinar project and navigate to the menu "Communication".

8. open the submenu "Interfaces".

9. right click on "+ New interface".

10. select from the list the plugin you have just created
11. Define the details of the interface on the left side:
a) The list in which a participant is to be written when registering for the webinar.
b) Lists
Here you can determine when and under which conditions a contact at GetResponse should be written to a specific list.
d) Data fields
Here you determine which information from Webinaris should be written into which fields at GetResponse. The following placeholders are available:
- First name
- Last name
- Webinar link (the link to the webinar room and, if enabled, to the recording of your webinar)
- Password (no longer required)
- Login (the e-mail address of the participant)
- Webinar Date (The date of the webinar. This must be written in a custom field of the type "text".)
- Webinar Time (The Time of the Webinar. This must be written in a custom field of the type "text".)
- SourceID
- Phone (phone number)
- Note (Note)
- UNIXTimestamp (This placeholder cannot be used with GetResponse)
You can also pass any static values (just write them into the input field).
12. click on "Save" in the upper right corner.

III) Settings for GetResponse

1. How to create and read a GetResponse API Key

To integrate GetResponse into Webinaris, you have to enter a so-called API key from GetResponse into Webinaris. Please proceed as follows to get to the API Key:
- Log in at GetResponse
- Click on "My Account" in the top right corner and select "Account Details".
- In the left menu select "GetResponse API".
- Under the item "My API key" you will find your GetResponse API key. 
2. how to create fields at GetResponse
- Open GetResponse
- Click on "Contacts" at the top and select "Custom Fields".
- In the list you will see all existing fields.
- Click on the button "Create new" in the upper right corner.
- Fill in the displayed fields. Please do NOT use any special characters.
- Click on "Save field".
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