Actions in Viewer menu

In the "Viewers" menu, you can apply various actions to your participants:

E-mail history Shows which emails have been sent and which have not
Chat history Shows the viewer's chat history
History Shows the complete history of the viewer
Export to CSV Exports the viewer data to a CSV file
Login URL Shows the webinar room login URL of the viewer
Deaktivate Deactivates the viewer: they can no longer participate in the webinar, no further emails are sent to them and no further interface calls are made for them
E-Mail Opt-Out Unsubscribes the viewer from the emails that are sent via Webinaris. He will only receive e-mails again if he agrees to receive the e-mail again in a double opt-in e-mail. Has no impact on interfaces or access to the webinar room.
Delete Viewer Data Deletes all personal data, but all statistical data is retained. No more emails are sent, no more interface calls are made and access to the webinar room is no longer possible.
Delete The viewer's complete data record is deleted.
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