Landingpage / registration page - recommended image dimensions

In many landing pages you can insert pictures and banners. In this article you will learn what the recommended dimensions are for each image and banner.

Depending on the size of the landing page, it may also be necessary to adjust the dimensions individually.

Moderatore Image (all Landingpages)

Asprect Ratio: 1:1

Optimum resolution: 250x250


General 2

Asprect Ratio: 21:6

Optimum resolution: 1920x548


Financial Program (Background)

Asprect Ratio: 16:9

Optimum resolution: 1920x1080


Simple 1 (Background)

Asprect Ratio: 16:9

Optimum resolution: 1920x1080



Asprect Ratio: 10:7

Optimum resolution: 1000x700



Asprect Ratio: 8:9

Optimum resolution: 960x1080

Important: The picture is always automatically adjusted to the screen size of the participant. The edges will be cropped differently. Therefore, make sure to place the main content as centered as possible in the picture.



Asprect Ratio: 5:4

Optimum resolution: 1000x800



Asprect Ratio: 16:9

Optimum resolution: 1000x564

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