Log in to the chat as admin

In Webinaris you have the possibility to log into the chat as an administrator and thus answer questions directly in the webinar. 

I) How to log in to the chat as administrator

5 minutes before the webinar starts, the showtime will appear next to the webinar in the webinar overview. By clicking on the date you log into the chat as administrator.


II) How to write private messages

In the list of participants, click on the chat icon behind the user you want to write to privately:


III) Important note

If the chat is set to "Private", you can only write to participants privately. This means that you cannot write messages to all participants at the same time and it is mandatory to perform the step explained at "II) How to write private messages".

IV) Alternative solutions

In the menu "Communication" -> "Notifications" you can set that you want to be informed about chat messages by e-mail. This will allow you to send the answers to the participants' questions to their e-mail addresses after the webinar. 

If you choose this method, it is advisable to inform the participants in the webinar that questions will only be answered by e-mail after the webinar. Therefor, a banner or a fictious chat message is enough. This message can read for example as follows:

"Attention: Questions will not be answered during the webinar. If you have any questions, just write them directly into the chat. One of our experts will then answer your questions by e-mail."

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