The Replay Feature

The replay function can be used to make a replay of the webinar available to participants AFTER the webinar. 
Basically it has to be said, however, that we refrain from replaying sales webinars for marketing purposes and also advise against doing so! We have "only" built this function because many customers want it (but a replay is NOT conducive to conversion). 
In our own webinars, we achieve sales quotas of 1:3 to 1:5. On average, 33 people buy from 100 or 20 from 100 participants. With replays, however, we NEVER get beyond a quota of 1:100 ... of 100 participants, a maximum of one buys.
Aus diesem Grund empfehlen (und handhaben) wir - alternativ zu dem Anbieten einer Aufzeichnung von dem Webinar - folgende Strategie: Schreiben Sie den Nicht-Teilnehmern eine automatisierte Mail "Schade, dass Du nicht dabei sein konntest. Aber das Webinar kommt so gut an, dass wir neue Termine nachgelegt haben". Wenn sich lt. unserem Bsp. NUR 20 TN zu einem neuen Termin anmelden anstatt der 100, die die Aufzeichnung sehen würden, wären es immer noch 4 Verkäufe anstatt einem. (In der Praxis kommen wir jedoch auf eine Quote von 50 Prozent … also ca. 50 Teilnehmer, die sich nach einem verpassten Webinar erneut anmelden.)
So, no matter how you turn it around, pointing non-participants to other dates is ALWAYS more effective than giving out a replay. In our own webinars we run a loop: Participants who have not attended a webinar receive a reminder email (4 - 5 times) over and over again. You will notice that you achieve drastically better odds. 

The situation is different if you offer paid webinars. Here a replay can make sure that everyone can see it. 
Wir haben die Aufzeichnungsfunktion in 4 Einstellungsmöglichkeiten aufgeteilt:
We have divided the replay function into 4 settings:
1) New registration (instead of replay)
Instead of a replay, you offer the participant the option of immediately registering for a new showtime. As soon as the participant can no longer log in to the webinar (because it is too late), the following message is displayed: "Unfortunately, your webinar is over - however, here you have the opportunity to register for one of the other showtimes." According to your settings, the further showtimes will then be displayed and the participant can register for a new dhowtime with one click without having to enter his data again.
2) Replay
This option displays the message: "Your webinar is unfortunately over - but you can watch a replay of the webinar here". You can set whether the replay should be permanent or only available until a certain date. You can also specify WHO is allowed to see the replay and who is not. For example, it makes sense that the participants who were present at the webinar should NOT see a replay. But it can also be the other way round that ONLY the people who were present are allowed to see a replay again (e.g. for post-processing). As an additional possibility, you can also set whether the participants are allowed to pause & seek the replay or not. 
3) New registration and replay
This option is a mixture of point 1) and 2). Directly after the webinar, the following message appears: "Your webinar is unfortunately over - but here you have the possibility to register for one of the other dates or to watch the replay of the webinar directly". The participants can now decide at the push of a button what they want ... and then see what is described under 1) or 2). 
4) Message
With this option, participants who are too late to log in will receive the message: "Your webinar is unfortunately over". (You can use this if you really want to offer a "unique webinar with a unique offer" ... and you want to educate your participants to a little more discipline and buying pleasure ;-) )
--> In summary, we ALWAYS recommend setting 1) for marketing purposes. We have noticed that participants very often click on the access link AFTER the webinar. Therefore it is perfect, if you offer the people here the possibility for a direct new registration. 
The recording always takes place under the same URL as your webinar. So you don't have to set anything separately. So if people click on the link to the webinar room after the webinar, the replay will take place directly there (if you have configured this). If you send reminder mails for the replay, you don't have to do anything else than simply insert the placeholder for the webinar link into the reminder mails.
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