Create incentives to buy through automatic chat messages

Webinaris offers you the possibility to automate chat messages in automated webinars. This means that you have to set the time at which an invented participant should send a certain chat message (see article: How does the chat function work?). By the following trick you can use this function to create attractive buying incentives for your participants:


For many people it is an important incentive to see that other people buy something. Therefore, depending on the product and strategy, it may make sense to display chat messages during the webinar that 'seem to' originate from your online store and inform you that a particular person has bought the product. Here are a few different examples - just use the one you like best:

Shop integration: Product "E73RDS3" was sold.

Digistore24 IPN: Peter M. bought "Webinaris Optimal".

Amazon Payment Notification: Product "Air mattress 120x200 blue incl. air pump" was sold.

eCommerce Payment Manager: dr***@t-on****.de bought product "Video course: 5 ways to lose weight quickly". 

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