The creation of a webinar video - please pay attention to these things

Please pay attention to the following circumstances when creating your webinar video:


1. Duration

The optimal duration of a webinar is 45-75 minutes. Somewhat shorter or longer is ok, but a clear under- or overrun can lead to the participants jumping off prematurely or the content cannot be communicated in sufficient detail.

2. Call 2 Action Buttons & Banner

You can insert banners during the webinar and provide them with a link. This way you can refer your participants to your sales page, for example. The banners can be displayed in the following places:

a) at the bottom or top of the video (when creating your presentation, please remember that you need some free space for the banner there)

b) Full screen

c) Transparent full screen (the whole video screen becomes clickable; That means you can simply add a banner/button right into your powerpoint presentation and it automatically becomes clickable in webinaris)

3. Chat

You can either completely disable or enable the chat. If it is enabled, you can decide whether it is "public" (anyone can read anything) or "private" (everyone only sees fake chat messages and their own). We recommend to set the chat to "private" and to inform the participants about this setting in the webinar (this can be justified e.g. with data protection or the like).

You also have the possibility to create fake chat messages. Use these to create a social proof or to let the participants ask the "right" questions.

4. Notifications

After the webinar, you have the option of being notified by e-mail about chat messages. Therefore, it is best to explain to your participants in the video that all questions will be answered by you personally afterwards via e-mail. This way the participants do not wound themselves into not explicitly answering questions.

5. Polls

You can start a poll among the participants during the webinar, for which you can define the result in advance. This means that the participant sees the result that you want him to see. Use this function to implement a social proof.


You have the possibility to offer your participants files for download during the webinar. These will then appear on the right side in the download section. 

7. The webinar start

It happens again and again that some participants arrive a few seconds late or the loading of the transmission takes a little longer. Therefore it is recommended that you do not start right at the beginning of the webinar, but that you display a "We start in a few minutes" slide for 1-2 minutes as a still image or cut it in front of the webinar video.

8. Redirect after the Webinar

You have the option of storing a URL to which each participant is to be forwarded directly after the webinar. However, most participants already leave the webinar room when they "say goodbye". Therefore, it is important that you display additional banners during the webinar to direct your participants to your sales page.

9. Viewer list

You can fill the webinar room with as many fake participants as you like and give the feeling that there are a lot of participants.

10. Credibility

Try to convey as credibly as possible that this is a live webinar. The following is important for this:

- Nowhere on the screen or in the background may a time or a date be recognizable

- Avoid statements like "Good morning", "Good evening", ...

- When taking webcam shots, avoid backgrounds that could tell about the time of day or season it is (keyword: sunshine, snow in the window, Christmas tree in the background, Easter decoration, ...)

- Avoid hard "cuts" between webcam and screen transmissions; it should always look as if you are moving it manually and not as if it is "cut".

- When recording sound, make sure that the sound is consistent. So use the same microphone for the entire recording and position it at the same distance; also be aware of background noise that might make your participants realize that there was a "cut".

11. Flexibility

In many cases you have to exchange individual elements of your webinar video afterwards. Consider this in time to make it as easy as possible, for example, to exchange a price, etc. (so that you only say the price once and it is otherwise visible on the slides; with a standard video editing program, this can then be edited easily)


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