Parameter transfer

With the parameter transfer (for example the e-mail address and the first name of a participant) you transfer the participant's contact information directly to the webinar registration form, so that the participant then only has to select a showtime.
We have created this function in order to achieve two goals: 
a) better Conversionsrates for your landing pages
b) less duplicates in your CRM system / autoresponder
Because one of the biggest evils of perfect automation are duplicates that occur when people register with different e-mail addresses. With the parameter transfer, you can make sure that your people can NOT register with other, new addresses anymore (since these are already filled in or simply no longer queried). And ... the less data you have to query or enter on a landing page, the higher the registration rates are! 
With the parameter function you can - if you invite your people e.g. via your newsletter tool - simply add the following parameter to the end of your webinar URL:
The values stand for :
secret=true: Please do not change
readonly=true: Please do not change
fname: first name
lname: last name
email: E-Mail-Address
note: Note
phone: Phone number
You can now fill the values behind the = sign with the values that you already have in your autoresponder, for example. 
Optionally, you can append the following parameter:
This means that fields that have already been filled in will no longer be queried. This means: If, for example, the value "email" is already passed, the field for the email address is completely hidden. If the value behind = is empty, the field will be queried anyway.
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