Information: Granting of a non-exclusive right of use

In our Terms and Conditions stands a paragraph, which can be misunderstood. In this article it is explained as a precaution what this is about.

It concerns the following passage of the Webinaris Terms and Conditions

"Der Anbieter räumt Webinaris ein nicht-exklusives, zeitlich und örtlich unbeschränktes Nutzungsrecht an den eingestellten Inhalten ein. Webinaris ist jederzeit berechtigt, die Inhalte zu verwenden und zu verwerten. Dies schließt insbesondere das Vervielfältigungsrecht, das Verbreitungsrecht, das Recht der öffentlichen Wiedergabe sowie das Recht der öffentlichen Zugänglichmachung ein und zwar insbesondere zur Werbung und zu Schulungszwecken."


As soon as you upload a webinar video to us, we need your permission under German law to convert the webinar video into a format suitable for the webinar room and make it available to everyone who registers for your webinar. We may not do so without your permission. You officially grant us the necessary permission within the framework of the non-exclusive right of use anchored in the General Terms and Conditions.
The same applies to all other content that you upload to Webinaris: Images, texts, documents etc.

Non-exclusive right of use

By granting a non-exclusive right of use, you "allow" us to "also" use your webinar videos. All copyrights and rights of use remain with you. You really only give us permission to use your webinar videos as described - nothing more.
The same applies to all other content that you upload to Webinaris: Images, texts, documents, etc.

This is what we do for example with your webinar videos 

  • We store your webinar video on our servers
  • We convert your webinar video into a format that is optimal for the webinar room.
  • We make your webinar video available to everyone who signs up for your webinar according to your settings


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