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I did not receive any access data
I did not receive my product (e.g. video course)

The access data for Webinaris and our other products will be sent automatically. Please also check your spam folder. If you have indicated in one of our previous emails that you no longer wish to receive emails from us, we will unfortunately not be able to send the access data. In this case, please contact info@webinaris.com - we will be happy to help you.

My password / access data doesn't work

To ensure maximum security, each password is generated automatically. It can happen that easily confusing characters occur, such as 0 (zero) / O (large "o") or l (small L) / I (large i). Therefore, we recommend that you copy the password from your email with the access data and paste it directly. It is best to change your password directly after logging in. Click on your name in the upper right corner, select "Account" and then "Change password".

I cannot login to my Webinaris account

If you can't log in, it's probably one of two reasons.

  1. cf. My password / access data doesn't work
  2. Your browser or the security settings of your browser are causing problems. In this case, please try another browser. We recommend Google Chrome.

The content of Landing-Pages / Webinar-Rooms / E-Mails are not saved correctly

This happens when you insert content from other sources. Formatting will be copied, which will cause problems when saving. Please use the "Paste as text" button of the editor. This will format the text correctly and no problems will occur. 

An Editor (E-Mail / Landing-Page / ...) is not working correctly

A few combinations of browser version and Java version can cause sporadic problems. If you have such problems, please use Google Chrome as your browser. 

Characters in E-Mails are not displayed correctly

This happens when you insert content from other sources. Formatting will be copied, which will cause problems when saving. Please use the "Paste as text" button of the editor. This will format the text correctly and no problems will occur. 

My video is broken

If your video is faulty, this is probably due to a failed upload. This may be due to a temporary disconnection during the upload. Your browser may also be causing problems. The Internet Please try the upload again with another browser. We recommend Google Chrome. 

My video doesn't work
My video is not uploaded
My video is not converted

  • Please use Google Chrome.
  • Deactivate all unnecessary browser plug-ins.
  • If necessary, deactivate your firewall and/or virus scanner for a short time.
  • Make sure that your Internet connection is permanently stable
  • Please also read the following article to learn more about how to format your video to make sure it works: Creating a perfect webinar video (resolution, file format, etc.)

My video is stuck at "Converting"

The conversion process can take up to 12 hours. Please have a little patience. 

 There are no showtimes on my landingpage

In menu "Showtimes" in your webinar, you can define the number of showtimes to be displayed on the landing page. If this value is set to "0", no showtimes are displayed. 

I cannot delete my video

If you can't delete your video, it's probably because it's being used in a webinar. Assign another video to this webinar first (e.g. the default Webinaris video). Then you can delete your video as desired.

How can I cancel my Webinaris subscription?

Please cf: Cancel / pause membership / account & subscription

How can I change my contact information and e-mail address?

Please contact info@webinaris.com. We will change your e-mail address and contact information for you. 

Is there an interface / API to...?

We are constantly adding more interfaces to Webinaris. Some of them have a higher priority for us than others. Please let us know at info@webinaris.com which interface you are interested in and what you would like to do with it. We will then include this interface in our feature wish list.

Participants claim that they cannot participate in a webinar or that the connection is bad

There are certain requirements that must be met for users to be able to participate successfully in webinars. If your participants have sporadic problems, please ask if the following points apply and suggest the following solution strategies.


  • A sufficient internet bandwidth
  • Each webinar link is bound to one participant, i.e. no two users can enter the webinar room with the same webinar link. 
  • An updated and modern browser (we recommend Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari) in der aktuellsten Version
  • A modern operating system (we recommend Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / MacOS X)

Problem solutions:

  • Make sure the internet is fast enough
  • Update the browser
  • Use another browser (we recommend Google Chrome)
  • Uninstall all unnecessary browser plugins
  • Refresh the webinar room
  • Use another computer

The showtimes in the registration form are wrong

Based on the time setting of the user's PC we determine the user's time zone and adjust the times accordingly. Incorrect settings on the user's PC can lead to incorrect times in the registration form.

Where can I find the Webinar Masterclass?

Please cf. https://webinaris.zendesk.com/hc/de/articles/201717142-Tutorial-Videos

E-mails are not sent to the participants

You can check in Webinaris menu "Viewers" when which e-mail was sent to which participant. The specified time is the time at which the e-mail left our server. If it is specified here that an e-mail was sent, the problem is with the recipient's mail server.

In addition, Webinaris is designed in such a way that all settings (e.g. e-mails, delivery times, actions, etc.) are saved in the database of this participant when a participant registers. This means that e-mails that you define after a participant has registered will no longer be sent to that participant. 

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