Cancel / pause membership / account & subscription

How to cancel your Webinaris membership:

1. log in to your Webinaris account:

2. click on your name in the upper right corner and select "Subscription".

3. click on "Package administration".

4. click "Cancel".


Please note: If you press "Cancel", your account will be cancelled at the end of your personal billing period. We will then irrevocably delete your data, videos and webinars. All data will be removed from our servers.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer the option to "suspend or pause account". The reason for this is that we have to plan and provide a certain contingent of server volume for each account, so that everything runs smoothly - regardless of whether you have 1 participant or 40.000 per month. Regardless of whether you use this volume or not, this server space must be reserved and made available for you.

If you now cancel your account and no longer use it, we can delete or transfer this space. These places cause high fixed costs for us, which is why we unfortunately cannot offer "pausing".

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