Change / replace the webinar-video

In Webinaris, you can replace the webinar video of a webinar project. All settings are retained, only the video is changed.

Please proceed as follows:

1. open the "Videos" menu

2. click on "New Video" in the upper left corner

3. click on "From hard drive...", select the new video file and click on "Upload".


4. Wait until the video is 100% uploaded. Please do not close the upload window before, otherwise the upload will be aborted.

5. Wait until the video loses the status "Converting" and is converted. 

6. open the webinar where you want to change the video

7. open the menu "General" -> "Video"


8. in the right column, select the new video by clicking on it

9. click on "Save" in the upper right corner

10. Sign up once for your webinar to test if the video works fine

11. make any necessary corrections resulting from the new video and the new video duration or new video content, e.g:

  • E-mails
  • API / interfaces
  • Banners
  • Downloads
  • Polls
  • Tracking-Codes
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