Someone couldn't attend my webinar - what happened?

In some cases, someone may not be able to attend a webinar. Unfortunately, this cannot be prohibited 100% for technical reasons. The most common reasons for this are the following:

1. The participant has a weak or unstable Internet or Wifi connection. Since a webinar is a video stream, a sufficient and stable Wifi and Internet connection must be available at all times. There are a number of factors that can affect this:

  • Weak Wifi network
  • Changing the Wifi network during the webinar
  • Weak Internet connection (especially mobile networks are affected here - basically: If Youtube videos need a few seconds to start, a video stream cannot run without problems)
  • Unstable Internet connection (e.g. if there are problems with the provider or if the participant participates in the webinar on the train, car or bus via mobile network and the Internet connection fluctuates / breaks off in between)
  • Background updates of the computer that block bandwidth
  • Bandwidth-heavy activities of other users in the network (e.g. the son watching the latest Netflix blockbuster in HD quality in the next room)

2. A browser plugin or other software is causing problems. Unfortunately, some people install software that blocks certain content on the Internet - usually well-intentioned, but poorly implemented. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this. The following things could be affected:

  • Ad-blockers
  • Anonymity- & Privacy-Plugins
  • Overly sensitive virus scanners or firewalls
  • Various other types of software, e.g. viruses, adware or malware

3. the browser is outdated or not supported. At Webinaris, we use the latest technologies to ensure the best possible webinar experience for your participants. However, these technologies are often only available with current browser versions and common browser types (old versions simply did not have these technologies, and some niche browsers simply did not implement these technologies). Explicitly supported by Webinaris are:

  • Google Chrome (recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox (recommended)
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera

4. the hardware used is too weak. The participation in a webinar needs certain resources - therefore the following things are especially important:

  • Sufficient free RAM
  • Sufficient free CPU resources
  • Sufficient free hard disk space

In some cases, an overheated CPU can also reduce its performance - and although it would be strong enough, the performance is no longer sufficient.

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