30% discount through annual payment

If you choose the annual payment method at Webinaris, we grant you a discount of 30% compared to the monthly payment method. This results in an annual net saving of:

  • 212,40 € Savings on the Optimal Package
  • 356,40 € Savings on the Expert package
  • 536,40 € Savings on the Professional Package

Of course, you can change from monthly to annual payment at any time. A payment already made for the current month will be credited proportionately. Please proceed as follows:

1. log in to your Webinaris account

2. open the tariff administration of your account (or click here)
Klicken Sie alternativ dazu in Ihrem Account rechts oben auf Ihren Namen und wählen Sie "Tarife"

3. Klicken Sie bei Ihrem Tarif auf "Tarifverwaltung"

click on the "Change payment method" button in the window that opens

5. click on the "Change billing interval" button below

6. in the "New Payment Plan" section, select the "Annual" option

7. select a payment option and make the payment. 

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