Powered by Webinaris - Enable / Disable Affiliate Program Insertion

You have the option to display a small flag on your Webinaris pages (e.g. Webinar Room and Landingpage) that links to the Webinaris homepage. This allows you to show your participants that your webinar takes place on a reputable platform. In addition, the participants immediately know who to contact if they have any technical questions. As soon as you enter your Digistore24 affiliate ID, your personal affiliate link will also be automatically entered. So you can use this feature within the Webinaris Affiliate Program and earn 20% commission per membership. Here you can see a preview of the insertion:


How to register for the Webinaris Affiliate Program

Klicken Sie hier, um sich zum Webinaris Partnerprogramm anzumelden

You can set the affiliate program display as follows

1. click on your name in the upper right corner of Webinaris and then on "Account"

2. Now you will see the affiliate program menu. If required, enter your Digistore24 Affiliate ID here (if you do not enter an Affiliate ID, it will automatically be linked to http://webinaris.com). Then use the checkboxes below to select on which pages the affiliate program insertion should be displayed. 

3. finally click on "Save".

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