The Blacklist

The blacklist is used to prevent competitors or others from participating in one of your webinars. In the menu you have the following options:

a) Block an exact e-mail address
With this option you enter an exact e-mail address (example: A participant with this e-mail address will then no longer be able to register for your webinar. 

b) Block an entire domain
With this option you enter an @ character followed by the domain (example: As a result, no participant of the domain can register for your webinar. We recommend this option if you want to exclude scrap addresses or competitors.

You have the option to blacklist an e-mail address or domain for all your projects or only for individual webinars. Simply select the webinar for which you want to manage the blacklist from the dropdown menu in the upper left corner.

As soon as a prospective viewer that is on the blacklist registers for one of your webinars, a message will be displayed saying that his registration was successful and that he will receive the access data shortly before the webinar showtime. This ensures that he does not simply re-register with another e-mail address. 

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