Creating a perfect webinar video (resolution, file format, etc.)

Using and setting up Webinaris is super easy. The only thing you need is a video-file that you can use as an automated webinar. You can a) record a LIVE Webinar from you and then use it, or b) create your own Webinar video just for Webinaris.

Here you get the most important information and suggestions to all important aspects. Even if you are not a professional or technology freak, the creation of a webinar video is extremely easy and there are only a few things to consider.

Technical key data of your webinar video

 1.1. video size: maximum 800 MB

Under no circumstances should your video exceed 800 MB in size. Always remember: Participants must also download the video during webinar time in order to view it. If the video is larger than 800 MB, weak internet connections may cause problems.

If your video is over 800 MB, the following steps may help to reduce the file size:

  • Save the video in mp4 format.
  • Save the video with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels (this is HD Ready resolution - this is more than sufficient for webinars; please note that even Full HD screens cannot display Full HD webinars because the webinar menu is on the right and the browser bar on top).
  • Save the video again with the free tool - this usually always helps to reduce the file size with almost the same quality.

 1.2 Video format: we recommend MP4 (but everything else works too)

The best video file format to use is MP4, which offers the best compromise between quality and file size, resulting in the fewest connection problems for participants. 

Record your webinar video

Already have a webinar video? 

Great, if your video also fulfils the technical specifications! Don't wait too long until your video is perfect... Better start with your first video version. You can replace the video at any time without hesitation or upload a newer version.  

Recording your webinar video with Screencam

Once you have created a good presentation for your webinar, you should record it as a video. You can choose from various Screencam software solutions. With these, your screen will be filmed with the presentation of the slides, shown pictures or videos and what you speak will be recorded. You can then edit the recording to cut out repetitions, for example.

As Screencam software, we recommend Camtasia, Movai or Screenflow. All are professional recording and editing programs, which are intuitive and easy to use without previous knowledge and cost little. In addition, we present the possibilities of Hyper Cam, Screencast-o-Matic and Movavi.


TechSmith's Camtasia software lets you work on both Windows and Mac. For more information, a free trial, and a variety of tutorial videos on working with Camtasia, click here:

At the following link you will also find a tutorial video on Youtube, which explains how to use this software. ATTENTION: This video is NOT from us, we only found it ourselves and refer to it because of the positive customer feedback. We have no connection with the author or the software itself:


We recommend the "Screenflow" software for Mac users (although you can also work with "Screenflow" on Windows). Further information, a free trial version and tutorials for working with "Screenflow" can be found here:

At the following link you will also find a tutorial video on Youtube, which explains how to use this software. One of our customers, Norbert, has created a perfect free video on how to create a video for Webinaris with Screenflow:

Hyper cam

We have never used this software ourselves, but it has been recommended to us by some of our users. According to our users, this software is super simple and also very cheap. Older versions are even free of charge.     



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