Create and embed a registration iFrame for your own website

In Webinaris, you can not only create landing pages directly in Webinaris, but also create a registration form iFrame that you can embed on your own website. So you can create the landing page on your own website.

I) Creating a Registration iFrame

To create a registration iFrame, please proceed as follows:

1. Open the webinar project for which you want to create a registration iFrame.

2. open the "Designs" menu

3. open the "Registration iFrame" menu

4. click on the button "+ new registration form" in the upper right corner

5. select a template

6. make all relevant settings

7. click on "Save & Exit" in the upper right corner of the screen

II) Embedding a login iFrame on your own website

To embed a registration iFrame on your website, you must embed the Login iFrame embed code there.

The embed code is a so-called iFrame code that can be processed by any standard website building kit. As a rule, a container, field, box or similar with the following or similar designation is available for integration:

  • HTML
  • HTML-Code
  • Code
  • iFrame

If you can't find the right element, in most cases a Google search for e.g. "Insert Wordpress iframe" is worthwhile (where "Wordpress" should be replaced by your website construction kit).

III) Get the embed code of the registration iFrame

To find out where to find the embedding codes for your login iFrames, cf. article Retrieve and share URLs and iFrame codes

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